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We are happy to be offering discounts on our prepaid Annual and Six Month Memberships!  Pay for the year upfront and save close to 20% on your membership!

Prepaid memberships cannot be frozen (unless due to injury with proof of Doctor's note).  Prepaid memberships cannot be refunded.  Sale rates cannot be grandfathered.  Memberships can be gifted to other guests.  Please visit us or call 714-639-7625 to purchase your membership today!


Just dropping in?  Trying climbing for the first time?  Grab a day pass and enjoy The Factory for a full day.  This is the easiest way if you, your friends, or family want to give climbing a try!


If you are truly dedicated to becoming a better climber, becoming a member is the first step.  Our members enjoy unlimited access to the facility.   We change our routes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to keep our members happy.  We also offer other perks when you commit!

Monthly Events

At The Factory, community comes first.  Join our Factory Family with fun events such as BBQ and Bouldering, Ping Pong & Pizza, Student Discount Days, Matinee Pricing, and more.