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Building better climbers

Our mission at The Factory is to build better climbers in an environment that is clean, spacious, challenging, and friendly.

With emphasis on a routesetting program that is unique, creative, and challenging-- we watch people grow from gumbies to greatness in short periods of time.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we reset boulder problems with fresh new sets to keep our members entertained.

We have routes for everyone.  Whether you have never climbed a ladder in your life or if you are a V10 crushing professional, The Factory has something to offer you.

Our supportive staff and our friendly community will help you feel at home on your journey to getting stronger.

Our Story

The Factory Bouldering first opened in April of 2012.  It was the brainchild of legendary couple Louie and Valarie Anderson.  What started off as a small training gym has skyrocketed to something they had never envisioned.  The Factory has grown into a thriving community, known for its friendliness and fun routes.

Today more than ever we are excited to continue to grow as a facility.  We are always looking for ways to improve the membership experience of our gym.  If it weren't for the community we serve, our gym would not be what it is today.

We look forward to growing our community and watching them become better climbers!

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Meet the Team

Our team of friendly staffers is what makes The Factory magic happen.  Get to know them!

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Louie is a lifelong climber and is very involved in the indoor climbing industry, with experience as a professional wall builder and designer, hold shaper and route setter. The Factory is the culmination of his experiences in the industry. Outdoors, Louie focuses primarily on sport climbing and is responsible for much of the development at local areas like the Riverside Quarry, Echo Cliffs, Frustration Creek and other lesser regional areas. He is also an avid boulderer and has been involved with the early development of Black Mountain, Mill Creek, Steele Valley and the Tramway. Louie enjoys very much seeing others introduced to the sport and sincerely hopes that The Factory will not only do that, but also strengthen the sense of community among local climbers.

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Valarie Anderson

Owner & Manager

Valarie has been enjoying the outdoors her entire life, and spent many of her childhood family vacations camping, fishing, and exploring the wilderness. She has been climbing since 2005, and has experienced sport, bouldering, and trad outdoors. Her favorite trip was to the island Cayman Brac, where she was able to sport climb on a cliff overlooking sea turtles. Besides climbing she loves running, reading, and listening to country music. Valarie and Louie live in a rural part of Wyoming, with their family which includes Luna their pit bull and Sol the cat.

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General Manager

My name is Matt and I am the general manager of The Factory. This gym changed my life for the better and gave me direction at a time when I was lost. As such, it is my goal to try and provide that same experience to every person who walks trough our doors and to make them feel welcomed into our family. Climbing and fitness are at the forefront of my life. However, when I am not focusing on that, I am enjoying adventures and beers with friends. The Factory has sparked so many new friendships in my life, which have lead to the craziest of adventures climbing outside. I spend a lot of time outside climbing, exploring, and backpacking. In my anti-social time I enjoy photoshopping funny pictures, making weird electronic music, and dominating in Counter Strike.

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Wall Manager & Headsetter

Growing up as a kid I had hopes and dreams of going professional in the skateboarding world and this seemed to transfer well into climbing. I got psyched after randomly catching Sharma deep water soloing in the film \"Progression\" on FuelTV... Instinctively, I headed straight to the gym that day and bought my first pair of "boots" by the end of the night. A few weeks later I quit my job and started working at my local gym, which was followed by learning the ins and out of being a routesetter. Even after climbing for almost 4 years... I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of what I can learn. If you know where Mr. Miyagi is... tell him I'm looking for him... two months to become the Rock Climbing Kid?!? FUUHHGETT ABUTTT ITTT!

This sport has also led me to meet some lifelong friends that I would've never met otherwise and I'm stoked to get the weird looks when we're explaining a sequence WITH hand gestures in a public place that doesn't involve climbing whatsoever. But if I'm not climbing... I'm usually filming/editing videos, playing my ukelele, learning how to drink beer like a man or chasing that ping pong Champion Title.

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Hey guys I'm Ryan.

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Front Desk / Routesetter

SUH DUDE! The names Ken, Kenneth, or Kenny Moon! I grew up playing sports my whole life and just being an all around athlete. I love basketball, surfing, snowboarding, golf, etc. The outdoors has always been a part of me and I started climbing in my senior year of college. I have been climbing on and off for about 4 years now and love it more everyday. Climbing has taught me so much about my own physical capabilities, and about my mental and emotional toughness. What I truly love most about climbing is the community! I'm a people person and have learned throughout my whole life that we need each other to get through the different obstacles and trials we face. Whether it be that one friend or a whole community, we can really make an impact and change each others' lives. My life motto has always been Live Out Love, and I hope to spread that and learn to love even better through climbing and the people I get to meet from it! Love you all!

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Front Desk

My name is Sarah! I was (still am) the type of person who would get bored with the normal “gym routine” and I stopped seeing the point in going. I went to a local climbing gym one day in hopes of something new and exciting. Little did I know that my life would forever change. I fell in love with the culture and community that came with rock climbing. I now have this motivation to get stronger, climb harder, and explore what’s out there. I have grown to be less fearful, and thus more confident in my climbing and in life. I have learned to trust the process, rather than crave certainty and instant results. Most importantly, I have made best friends that help me cherish every moment, not take life too seriously, and laugh more than I can bare sometimes.

When I am not climbing, you can probably find me bartending at a local brewery and beer garden. I love pouring pints and talking to people!

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Front Desk

Hey I'm Jacob!  I started climbing sort of by accident. I was supposed to go on a trip with some friends that didn’t pan out and so I had a free weekend. I decided to try something new, rock climbing. I played football for twelve years and was always an active guy. Whether it be hiking, working out, or just catching some sun at the beach. But once my football days were over, I got bored with the same old gym routine. I missed the mental challenge that came with reading offenses or learning new passing routes. So when I tried climbing for the first time, I fell in love with the puzzles screwed into the wall. I bought my membership at The Factory the same week as my first visit, and had a job their within six months. The people and the community are second to none and it’s my favorite gym I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a member. When I’m not working or climbing, I’m going to school for music. I plan on writing music for TV and film. You can also catch me going on runs with my dog or hanging out at a coffee shop.



Front Desk

My full first name is Tiffanie-Marie (way too many syllables), so most everyone calls me Tiffanie! I grew up dancing my entire childhood, so when I began climbing, I had a bit of an advantage with establishing technique early on—living on my toes was already second nature! After a near death experience only a few months prior, learning to climb was an impulse decision that began my senior year of college at Southern Utah University. I knew so many friends that loved it (sport climbing mostly), and literally the moment I asked, “can you teach me how to climb?” everyone readily took me under their wings the very next day; thanks to them I have climbed every wall location in Southern Utah. We even came up with an indoor game called Wall Twister! Having come from a lonely and lost past, my first impression of the climbing community was such a beautiful eye opener; to be instantly immersed amongst a community full of open arms, generosity, care, love—the list just goes on. Climbing has everything I’ve ever been looking for; I’ve experienced a vast amount of personal growth, I spend so much time exploring the outdoors, I meet incredible people, my body has been conditioned into the best shape of my life—I will sell this sport so hard, climbing really has it all. I owe so much to it and the community, to the friends I’ve made, and to my body for putting up with my excessive psych. Real talk, after signing the dinosaur paper waiver on my very first visit, Factory has hands down been my favorite climbing gym; the setting is
impeccable, the people are genuine, and the angles are fire—there’s nothing soft about this gym, I tell you whut. On the off chance that I’m not climbing, I live my life pursuing my doctorate in psychology, drinking my weight in tea, slack lining, doing yoga, and I go to a ton of cheap music shows; who says you can’t be broke AND still have a good time? I’ve been told that my forgetful scatterbrain is full to capacity with an impossible amount of media quotes and references. I no longer use the word ‘yes’ in my vocabulary, there is only yass. Oh, and I’m completely obsessed with all things canine, rose and flowers, and Sailor Moon. I live for and love to see people happy, psyched, and growing in all aspects of life as well as with their climbing. There’s always a smile and some love just for you—I look forward to getting to know you all!



Front Desk

Hey! The name's Curtis but you can call me Curt, Turt, or even Garbage Man Stan! It doesn't matter as long as you come into the gym and climb after! I've been around climbing for about 6 years, although the first 4 I didn't climb much. I've always been a very outdoorsy person and the first 4 of those years I used to just hike crash pads out for a few of my incredibly talented friends, watch them climb and talk to a couple of trees. It wasn't until a good friend pushed me past my comfort zone and started dragging me to The Factory pretty much daily that I truly got stoked on the sport. I have thanked her on multiple occasions the past 2 years for pushing, believing in me, and giving me such a wonderful thing to be passionate about. If I'm not in the gym it's because I'm playing a number of video games, reading somewhere away from people, or getting food with anyone who asks! I'd love to help you get into climbing or just keep your psych levels as high as they can possibly go! WOOO! So come say hi!



Trademember Supervisor

Hey Im Josue Im a teddy bear.